April 16: 3pm-6pm | April 19 & 20 4:30pm-7:30pm

  • Hot & Cold: Social Media Writing
    390.00 USD
    Hot & Cold: Social Media Writing
    Liane Alghusain & Wakim Zeidan

    Topic: Media Writing
    Location: Elevation Burger Bidaa’
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    In this bilingual 3-part workshop series, participants will find inspiring new ways to engage their audience through social media. The workshop series will teach more complex skills as it goes on, from captioning photos to writing reviews, from managing online communities to developing your lifestyle brand. Participants can sign up for one/two parts or all three. The Hot & Cold: Social Media Writing workshop will present successful social media case studies in both Arabic and English. We will provide activities for the participants so that they may practice their media writing skills, and go over many different approaches for engaging audiences through social media. We aim to be instructive, interactive and fun!

    To help writers, PR and marketing executives, account managers, small business owners and aspiring social media mavens to develop engaging new social media approaches and gain confidence in their media writing skills.

    The workshop focuses on presenting successful social media case studies and helping participants to go on and create natural and lively community relationships and conversations through social media, and aims to encourage participants to understand their own brand and audience better.

    Day 1
    With a Cherry on Top: Captioning Your Posts

    Activity: Captioning photos based on your audience and intention
    Outcome: Snappier and more creative caption writing with an emphasis on catering to your audience and community

    Day 2
    Cooking Criticism: Creating and Managing Online Communities

    Activity: Writing reviews and criticisms, creating live posts
    Outcome: Demystifying how to deal with criticism and feedback from your community

    Day 3
    Spicing It Up: Integrating Storytelling into Your Virtual and Physical Space

    Activity: Writing stories and brainstorming ideas for engaging audiences to share their personal experiences of your brand and how it complements their lifestyle
    Outcome: More engaged communities on social media and stronger image of your brand

    Who can attend the workshop?
    Those with a basic understanding of social media. Should be comfortable reading/writing in Arabic and/or English.

    390.00 USD