Tala Saleh Graphic Designer

Tala Saleh, the author and designer of ‘Marking Beirut’ is a young Saudi female with a BFA in graphic design from The American University of Beirut. She recently attained her masters in branding and identity. ‘Marking Beirut’ is her first publication and one that she hopes will take the reader on a journey through the city of Beirut as exciting and overwhelming as was hers.
‘Marking Beirut’ : In May 2008, with the political crisis in Lebanon unsolved for over 3 years, Lebanese political leaders, after having an agreement in Doha, Qatar, ordered the removal of all political signs from the streets of Beirut in an attempt to ease the tension. As a result, this book is now a rare document of an important era in Lebanese history.
Marking Beirut- A City Revealed Through Its Graffiti is a derivative of the “Project de Diplome” of Tala Saleh completed in her graphic design studio at the American University of Beirut. As a Saudi living in Lebanon, she called her initial research: “A Visual reading of the city of Beirut through the stencils on her walls, an outsider’s view of an internal struggle.”

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