Jassem Al-Nasrallah Artist

Jassim Issa Nasrallah is a calligrapher and graphic designer. Born in Kuwait in 1987, Jassim earned a degree in finance from the College of Administrative Sciences of the University of Kuwait. He began to practice the art of calligraphy in 1993, then began learning the rules of Arabic calligraphy in 2003 with professor Ayman Hassan and engineer Jassim Miraj – today he follows the calligraphy curriculum of professor Hossam Matar.
Jassim Issa Nasrallah is a Kuwaiti pioneer in the art of interpreting classic calligraphy lines into contemporary, artistic iterations through the use of technology and inspiration from the natural world. In 2012 Jassim was the first Kuwaiti to offer a technical workshop in Modern Arabic Calligraphy at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. He has participated in several international and charity exhibitions including the Kuwait International Fair (2nd, 3rd and 7th editions) and the Free Letters Exhibition. 

The most prominent of Jassim Nasrallah’s local and international achievements include design branding for the Government of Dubai, Qatar and Bahrain. He has also done branding work in Turkey and Japan, in addition to creating many of the logos for companies and shops in Kuwait. Among his Ramadan designs are those that he has made for Salhiya Complex, Arraya and Al-Hamra.

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