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WARAQ is a socially-engaged art collective, focusing on illustration, animation, art direction and performing arts. The collective was cofounded by Ashley Choukeir, Joan Baz, Hussein Nakhal and David Habchy; four artists whose diverse backgrounds and individual skills shape the unique and multidisciplinary approach of WARAQ. Their work brings together hybrid creative disciplines to produce experiences such as public interventions, interactive installations and immersive performances with a strong emphasis on content and storytelling.

WARAQ founded a cultural space in Beirut in 2012 with a mission to provide a range of resources, opportunities and education to local artists, and creative practitioners —the space hosts workshops, performances, film-screenings and other events all of which are open to the public.

Over the years, WARAQ has worked both independently as well as collaboratively with various artists, institutions, advertising agencies and NGO’s , and has organized, hosted and participated in several art festivals, book fairs and exhibitions.

WARAQ is co-organizer of the Beirut Animated Festival, creative partner with “Tumo Center of the Creative Technologies” in Armenia, participating artists in the Beirut Street Theater, frequently invited to give workshops at the international book fair in Sharjah, and with institutions in Dubai, Tehran and Aleppo as well as a quarterly contributor to the magazine “The Carton.”

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