Tarek Yamani Musician

Tarek Yamani is a musician and the founder of Beirut Speaks Jazz. Born in Beirut, Tarek is an award-winning composer and a self-taught jazz pianist.
Since his debut album "Ashur" in 2012, he has been exploring relationships between African-American Jazz and Arabic rhythms/maqams. These new interpretations of classical Arabic music are the main drive behind his new album "Lisan Al Tarab: Jazz Conceptions in Classical Arabic.”
Tarek has performed his music at MuCEM museum (Marseille), the United Nations Assembly Hall (NYC), the Blue Whale (Los Angeles), the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Alexandria), the Ennejma Ezzahra (Tunis), and the Iridium (NYC).
In 2012 Tarek was invited to be among the 32 musicians from 13 countries to perform in the inaugural of the "International Jazz Day" held at the UN headquarters in New York. In 2013 Tarek founded, organized & produced a unique initiative called “Beirut Speaks Jazz” which aims to promote jazz in Lebanon by igniting adventurous collaborations between artists from the worlds of rock, pop, tarab, rap, blues and alternative over the foundations of jazz. Among the invited artists were Hamed Sinno (Mashrou’ Leila), Oumeima El Khalil, Erin Mikaelian (Pindoll), Tania Saleh, Mazen El Sayed (El Rass), and many more.
Tarek is the recipient of many awards such as the Prins Bernhard Culture fund, the Thelonious Monk Composers Competition prize, and the Betty Carter Jazz Ahead residency. Apart from music, Tarek has co-written a feature film entitled “Decoding Bach”, which was selected by the New York Foundation for the Arts for their fiscal sponsorship program.
He recently wrote the music of “ASH”, a short film by Yasmina Hatem, produced by Cinephilia Productions & which had its world premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival 2013.
Tarek has served as a music juror for the 2013 cycle of the leading "Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC)". He resides between Beirut & New York City.

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