Sarah Thelwall Creative Strategist

Sarah has a specialism in bridging between creatives and business & finance. She works with both non-profit organisations in the Cultural sector and entrepreneurs in the Creative Industries. She has a good/big idea about every 3-4 years and these are usually published as provocation papers. Size Matters is the most well known of these (released in 2011 so she’s about due for another one .. it’s in the works). Sarah has a passion for the avoidance of bad powerpoint presentations and dull workshop materials. She has been working across the Middle East since 2011. Her clients range from governmental departments to NGO’s to micro businesses. She is very keen to wear the work of emerging designers and tweets about this using #whoareyouwearing . Sarah’s love of data is expressed in the development of benchmarking services for both the for profit and non-profit creative crowds. You should take a look at MyCake’s Benchmark Bulletins (expect cartoons as well as facts).

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