Dr. Ebtehal Al Khateeb Assistant Professor, KU

Ebtehal Abdulaziz Alkhateeb is an assistant professor at Kuwait University, College of Art, Department of English Language and Literature. She is a previous board member of the Kuwaiti Human Rights Society and current member of a number of civil NGOs, founding member of Sout Alkuwait (a pressure group that works to sustain the principles of the Kuwaiti constitution in society), and Group 29, a humanitarian group that works on a number of pressing humanitarian issues, mainly the issue of the stateless i.e.the bidoon in Kuwait.

As a political activist, Alkhateeb has managed and worked with a number of electoral campaigns. As a humanitarian activist, Alkhateeb lobbies for a number of critical humanitarian issues in Kuwait, most importantly the issue of the stateless i.e. the bidoon and domestic workers. Dr. Alkhateeb is a weekly columnist at Al-Jareeda Kuwaiti Newspaper and Al-Quds Al-Arabi Newspaper (published in London), and a published translator with the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL) in Kuwait.

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