Ceyda Oskay Artist


Ceyda Oskay works with a variety of artistic mediums. Her projects range from fiber & textile work and installations and ceramics, to 2-D mixed media work including photography, painting, frottage, drawing, and printmaking. Ceyda’s work is often experimental, and includes themes such as : traces/remains.

Ceyda received her BA from the University of Chicago, with anthropological fieldwork on a research grant to South Africa to study art and social change. She received her MA in Middle East Studies from METU with research in the Middle East on social and anthropological issues. She studied art and textiles at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Istanbul Fashion Academy, and Central St. Martens.

After a 10 year career in the United Nations, she currently works as an independent consultant on humanitarian and development work, as well as textile anthropology and fine arts.

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