Dr. Amani Albedah Researcher

Dr. Albedah is a researcher and program manager who holds a PhD in Philosophy of Science and Critical Thinking from Vanderbilt University. Her research interests include: hermeneutics, methodology and ethics of science, and the development of scientific beliefs and their communities. She served as an assistant professor at Kuwait University from 2001-2014, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses across the various colleges. She was a consultant editor for the National Council of Culture, Art and Letters and the founder/manager of Thinkare for Intellectual Development, a private business that offers training and capacity building in various thinking competencies.

She also served as the director and co-founder of the Kuwait Group for Peritoneal Surface Malignancy, a non-profit organization for patient support and research/training. Dr. Albedah joined KFAS in 2014 as the International Programs Manager. Since 2016, she has been the Director of International Relations and Knowledge Management at KFAS, and additionally serves as the Deputy Director General for Support Programs and Functions.

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