Bashar Assaf Fashion Designer

Bashar Assaf is a Beirut-based Lebanese fashion designer. His garments tend to accentuate the female body with sophisticated yet demure silhouettes, solid colors and clean cuts. This tendency was instilled during his days living in Saudi Arabia where women’s garments tend to lack definition of the female form. Bashar Assaf was born in Jeddah, KSA. He moved to Beirut to join Esmod and graduated in 2011. Soon after completing his studies, he began to work as a designer and a stylist for an array of clients in the advertising and entertainment industries both in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

In December 2012, Bashar was chosen as one of the Starch Foundation’s designers where he produced three collections, ‘Metamorphism,’ ‘Open Heart’ and ‘Hallucinations.’ The latter two were showcased at Fashion Forward in Dubai. He was also nominated by Elle Style Awards for ‘Best Upcoming Fashion Designer in the Middle East’ that year. As of 2014, Bashar Assaf has started designing outside of the Starch umbrella. Two collections have been successfully launched so far – ‘Climax’ and ‘Ethereal’ – both were showcased at Fashion Forward in Dubai.

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