Nuqat is a nonprofit organization based in Kuwait that aims to develop creative problem-solving skills in the Arab world. What was a small consortium in 2009 teaching typography design, has transformed into an internationally recognized organization that engages thousands of eager learners. Diverse participants from all over the world join Nuqat throughout the year to discuss design, entrepreneurship, architecture, fine art, technology, culture and every aspect of life that creativity permeates.

Nuqat is made possible with the support of our PARTNERS.


Nuqat grew out of frustration from the lack of empowering education for expression, inspiration, and creative thinking in the Middle East and North Africa. We aim to address his by facilitating, enabling and nurturing a collaborative community that solve social challenges through creative thinking. We are primarily a platform providing cultural programming and community networking.


Nuqat is on a mission to define creativity and make it a main pillar in educational institutions and corporations worldwide. To Nuqat, creativity is the ability to acknowledge and explore abundant ways to solve problems. Whether it's through collaboration or further education, every problem can be solved with the appropriate amount of experimentation and testing.


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